This character was a team creation between WildloughRhulain and SalemtheCruel, Salem named her Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 03:36, December 18, 2012 (UTC)

Zahira the Vicious

Pronounciation: (Zah-heer-ah)

Zahira's a warlord from the Northlands, a timber wolf, alpha female of the Icefang pack. She looks on otters and squirrels as cowardly for their hit and run tactics, and gloats about wanting both crushed into slavery. She's singled _____ out in particular for abuse and calls her "Scumrudder".

Physical Description: When Zahira smiles, she never does it without baring her back teeth, and anybeast around her knows that's a danger sign. Zahira has piercing gold eyes, coal-black fur and a lean, powerful build. She wears a long, dark purple dress and an ornate gold chain with a red and gold stone pendant (imagine the Secret of NIMH pendant, but instead of being round, the stone's a lightning bolt) dangling from it around her neck.

Weapons: Zahira carries a barbed whip she calls "Tickler", a cat's paw and a tongue ripper. She only uses a bow when she's "practicing" on squirrels.

Background Information: Though the Pure Ferrets built and ruled Riftgard in Triss' time, Zahira and her Icefangs were the first to march across the land from the Northwest and conquer the fortress afterwards, killing any creatures who dared oppose her (the first beasts to oppose her were always squirrels and otters) and enslaving the rest. She used the squirrels as live fargets for archery practice and chained the otters, whipping them and drawing blood, before throwing them, still chained, into a deep section of the ford. The wolf captured a pair of large pike, got them accustomed to the frigid water and keeps them imprisoned there. She'd throw each prisoner in, one at a time, and force the other otters to watch.

There's only one place an otter can escape the pike in the ford, a place Zahira doesn't know about, and that's a small cavern in the stones underwater at the very bottom. It's "small" compared to the ford, but it's wide enough to fit an otter's body. There's a space for air, not big enough to surface the entire head, but enough to get the muzzle, mouth and nose completely out of the water so the prisoner (s) can breathe.

An old otter told the prisoners about the cavern one night before he died of overwork, starvation and abuse.

_____'s found herself in the cavern more than once. When the pike are gone and she manages to get out, she's forced to disguise herself with mud to make herself look like a different otter; Zahira recaptures her and locks her back in the compound. As twisted as the wolf is, she doesn't know it's _____ until the prisoners do their meager job of washing themselves the next morning.

The old "punishment cage" method the Pure Ferrets used is still in use.