Xemx was a sly and conniving rat maid who was a low down paw reader in Lotor's horde. She worked for Velox on the side as a spy and messenger, until the day Roderick came to the mountain as one of the Shadow Fighters sent by Malimore.

Entranced by Roderick's mastery of the dark wolf's power, Xemx tried to flatter him into teaching her how to control black magic. However she grievously miscalculated Roderick, and soon after found she was expecting a child from this. In desperation because of Velox's dire warnings against this, Xemx fled to Bluefen, begging her help in return for the small amount of power she had mastered.

Bluefen agreed, though her friend Kesha was against the rat from the start. Xemx learned of Kesha's skills as a Prophetess and planned to betray her, but the marks took war to Salamandastron before she could. Kesha however, made the mistake of being compassionate and helping Xemx when she gave birth to twins, Byron and Bryony. For her kind deed, Xemx used her chance and spitefully poisoned Kesha so she could keep Bluefen under her thumb.

However Bluefen was furious, and tried to force Xemx to lead her to the woodlanders, no doubt planning to kill her afterwards. However Xemx managed to give her the slip, only to run into Velox, who slew her for her disobedience.

Random trivia Edit

  • Xemx means sun, or light in another language .. not sure which one though XP She's named after her outer looks, that for sure :P

Featured in Edit

[1] 'The Prophecy Fulfilled'

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