Whegg and Regina

Whegg is on the right :3

Whegg was a young captain under Verdauga Greeneyes. When Verdauga died and his evil daughter Tsarmina usurped the throne, Whegg deserted. After being captured by the Corim while trying to cross their land, Whegg met Lord Ignasa and left his life as a vermin behind forever. After informing the woodlanders of how they could rescue Prince Gingivere and get his help, Whegg became for them. He found his old mentor Ashleg who had defected to Gingivere, and devised a plan to free the wildcat prince. After Ashleg was murdered by Tsarmina for treason however, the plan fell apart and a new one had to be made. Whegg also helped Regina and Estella escape to the Corim, therefore finding his old sweetheart and rescuing Erwin's daughter in one day. Through many adventures, Whegg and the Corim succeeded in freeing Gingivere, and defeating Tsarmina. Whegg fought with a double-bladed spear and a long knife, and was very skilled, despite the fact he was almost completely blind in his left eye, due to Tsarmina's wrath. He went on to become a resident of Redwall Abbey, and the father of Ash, who was named after Ashleg. He was also a great favorite of all the dibbuns, who christened him 'Unca Wheggy'

Random trivia Edit

  • Whegg is actually not my OC, he was a very minor character of 'Mossflower'

Featured in Edit

'Four Warriors Cometh', 'The Prophecy Fulfilled', 'Accused'

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