This is the full text of the warsong sung by the Green Isle Otterclans in chapter 31 of Brian Jacques' High Rhulain.

I'll use it in different fanfictions I'm writing.

Wildloughs, Wavedogs, Streambattles too,

Riverdogs, Streamdivers, Galedeeps true.

Death rides the wind, tell the enemy,

the clans have risen, ee aye eeeeeeeeeh!

Show no quarter, stand up an' fight,

Blood an' steel be our birthright!

Oh Rhulain, set your children free,

the clans have risen, ee aye eeeeeeeeeh!

Foebeast, weep for all you're worth,

Curse the one that gave you birth

Red the streams run to the sea,

the clans have risen, ee aye eeeeeeeeeh!

In the times to come I'll say,

I was one who fought that day!

Gave my family liberty

Ee aye ee aye, ee aye eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

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