Name: Vivian "Vie" Camellia

Age Eight seasons (16 years) Gender: Female Species: Otter

Appearance: Vivian is an otter of moderate size, leaning towards the small side. She has a light brown pelt with darker patches, and a lean build. Her eyes are wide and surprised-looking, and her nose is somewhat large. Vivian is an extremely well-kept creature, and makes sure her clothing is always elegant and in style... Although, she tends to keep to darker colors like brown and gray, claiming they're good for camouflage.

Personality: Many beasts have made the mistake that she has a split-personality. This is PROBABLY not true. While bubbly most of the time, and cheerful to the point of creatures thinking she's utterly insane, during battle Vivian has the alarming tendency to kill. A lot. Now, this wouldn't be that odd, except that she has no expression on her face while she's doing it... which is somehow more disturbing than the agressive traits everybeast else displays. She is also somewhat OCD- a tiny detail out of place, and she pesters beasts to fix it if she cannot do so herself.

She sometimes grins in an unsettling way, looking like a completely crazy idiot while doing so.

There are also subtle hints to indicate that she's not actually as ditzy as she normally seems. Whether you heed those warnings is up to you.

History: Vivi was a lone wanderer for much of her life, traveling as she pleased. Queries into her past have been made, but she has politely refused to divulge the information. However, it is probably safe to conclude that her family is still living...somewhere. This is based on the fact that Vivian seems to have no visible signs of a tragic past, no yearnings for revenge, no sudden streams of unfounded sadness, no nothing. Her double personality has been agreed upon as wholly natural, and not enacted upon by past events.

The otter first came upon Black Arch fort in the middle of spring. She thought the place looked homily, and made her decision on the spot. Besides, she needed a place to settle down.

Skills and weaponry: Vivian has a general knowledge of almost all weapons, no particular specialty, and a ferocious fighting style. Her favorite weapon, however, is the saber. Her least favorite is the slingshot... "It must be awful to die by having a small rock shot at you."

Her most well-known skill is to clumsily knock over something- whether it's the table with a cup of drink that had not been there before. One time she did this in the infirmatory, and it turned out to be poison. The infirmatory staff was slacking somewhat, so it wasn't intentional. She swears she doesn't know anything.

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