Vickagu is a true Marlfox of hidden origins, with mottled gray fur and the ability to disappear at will.  He is incredibly observant of all matters, and can learn much from them.  He has a somewhat quiet personality, but he will play pranks on his friends.  Vickagu dresses in the gray cloak of a Marlfox, and wields the battle axe with amazing skill, although he is also an expert martial artist.  His judgements are always accurate and he is good at reading people’s personalities, a great asset to himself and his friends, as mercenaries.


He came from the land around the Great Lake and Marlfox Island, but refuses to tell anything else. He left the area to join up with the nomad clan, the Arrulls.  He traveled with them until he met up with Vaylayna and Rosebrush.  Then he left the clan and banded together with the other two, completing the Mercenary Triumvirate.  

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