Well, due to the unfavorable outcome of the recent presidential election, I have been told of several seriously huge changes in my life. Long story short, my parents were absolutely beside themselves when Obama was re-elected, and made the decision to move out of the country. However, due to complications, my dad will have to remain as a marine here on US soil for a few more years. My Mom and I will be leaving for Scotland where her parents (my grandparents) left their estate for our use. So within forty eight hours, I will be flying out to Glasgow, most likely to stay :(

I really love Scotland, even though I've only been there once, but I'm still really scared :( I JUST got settled here in DC with school and all, and now I'm moving not a month and a half later. The bottom line is, my parents are so thoroughly disgusted by Obama's policies for civilians and schools especially, that they refuse to let me stay here (trust me, I did my best to convince them to let me stay). I will still be on chat, it just might take a few weeks before I can get not a regular schedule, mostly so that I can time my visits to chat properly. I really hope I can see you all again soon, I have a huge amount of packing to do right now. See you all when I'm settled.

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