This is going to be a crossover with my character Nathaniel Danisham and the characters from High Rhulain. High Rhulain characters belong to Brian Jacques.

Chapter 1

The isle of Sampetra had long ago been transformed into a shipping port by the Mossflower Trading Company or MTC for short. As woodlanders and vermin alike began to modernize and come up with new ideas and inventions the need for ships to carry cargo also became greater. Sampetra was one of five major ports in the Mossflower territory. This day in the port was one of superstition which began when the infamous schooner ship, The PHANTASMA, sailed in. This ship was often talked about by elderly sailors who may have had too much grog. They say it is haunted and only shows up before a bloody massacre. Others say that the ship is captained by the most feared pirate in the world, although nobeast would say pirate near the ship, and that his crew were spawns of the darkest spirit. Of course none of these tales were true. The truth was far from anything evil and if the tellers of these tales ever found out they would laugh until their lungs burst. The ship itself belongs to the fixated son of the once feared pirate.

Nathaniel Danisham, son of Andrew, has always been the type to throw his money away without a care in the world. He certainly wasn't scary like his father, but being a young captain at the age of seventeen it was hard to be a leader among an older crew.

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