This is my 2nd fanfiction

Chapter 1 Captured!

Tiria Wildlough high queen of green isle, having vanquished Fellis the cat and his vermin lounged in the chair of state, her crown on her head. 2 otter sentries stood guard at the gates with spears at the ready. Yet they were being watched by cruel eyes. Meanwhile....the two sentries were dismissed leaving the rhulian unguarded. Wildlogh slouched out and fell into a deep sleep. The two ermine crept in through the open window with scimtars drawn. "Gag her, " said the 1st, a young one named Luiz. "Aye" the 2nd one gagged the otter and threw her in a sack. The two ermine then slipped quietly out the window, but 2 guards followed them. Luiz saw them instantly. He turned on them blazing in bloodwrath and killed the 1st by decapitation and gravley injured the 2nd. The 2nd guard weakly crawled back to the window and just got through.

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