I'm just going to use this blog post for when I save/plan/mess around with my signatures, since I'm kind of new to all the coding stuff.  If you have any tips for making/changing/special effecting them, I'd be delighted to know! And if I shouldn't put this here, then I can remove it . . . Although I've never deleted a blog post before.  :P  (P. S. spoiler alerts to future signatures!  XD)


Vaylayna the Mercenary Even to make a shadow, you need light.

Vaylayna the Mercenary Shadows fall, yet they leave no mark.

Vaylayna the Shade Shadows fall and shadows rise... and the Mercenaries go with them.

Vaylayna the Mercenary Shadows fall, yet they leave no mark

Vaylayna and Rosebrush Shadows fall, and shadows rise... And the Mercenaries go with them.

Vaylayna and Rosebrush Together!

Random stuff and templates I've been trying to work through

I know all this looks weird, but after I switch to the 'source' tab I can see how it links up and everything, so it's very useful. ;)

Name you want to show What you want to say. This will lead to Talk Page.

Tsarmina <-- this is Sayna's example I'm messing around with. :)

User:SaynaSLuke|span style="color:#0000FF;text-shadow:#000000 5px 3px 5px;font-family:Algerain;font-size:20px;">Untamed /span Approach of Thunder|span style="color:#000099;text-shadow:#000000 5px 3px 5px;font-family:Algerian;font-size:15px;">We are wild</span <-- Sayna's again, that I'm observing to learn more about Signatures, even if it doesn't work. XD Thanks so much Sayna!

insert two brackets here User:Vaylayna the Shade| insert < here span style="color:#0B3B0B;text-shadow:#000000 3px 3px 3px;font-family:Algerian;font-size:20px;">Vaylayna the Shade insert < here /span insert > here ]]

(down to next line)

insert two brackets here User talk:Vaylayna the Shade| insert < here sup> insert < herespan stlye="color:#DBA901;text-shadow:#000000 3px 3px 3px;font-family:Algerain;font-size:16px;">Shadows fall, yet they leave no mark insert < here /span insert > here ]]  <Sayna helping me out.  Thank you!!! Sayna, you're wonderful!  Thanks so much for your help! 

Vaylayna the ShadeVaylayna the Shade Vaylayna the Shade Vaylayna the ShadeVaylayna the ShadeVaylayna the Shade <- Messing with fonts! Cool, huh?


If you are making a Signature, use this template and fill in the bold parts with what it tells you to.

This is the part of your signature that leads to your profile page: 

insert two brackets here User:your username | insert < here span style="color:code for color here;text-shadow:code for shadow color 3px 3px 3px;font-family:font name;font-size:20px;">what you want the signature to say, then insert < here /span insert > here]] 

This is the second part of your signature that leads to your talk (message wall) page: 

insert two brackets here User talk:your username| insert < sup> insert < here span style="color: insert code for color here;text-shadow: insert color for text shadow here 3px 3px 3px;font-family:insert font name;font-size:16px;">insert what you want sig to say insert < here /span insert > here </sup>]]

--Vaylayna and Rosebrush Together! 08:19, March 18, 2015 (UTC)

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