• Vaylayna the Shade

    I probably should have told you all this before now :P but my schedule is . . . to say the least, rather unstable.  I'm dreadfully sorry if I left chat extrememly suddenly, and that is probably because another of my family lay claims to the computer or someone called me.  Part of the time that's my fault, not realizing it was their turn or something, but anyways: I may leave chat suddenly without saying goodbye.  DX  Sorry Sayna, Stan and everyone else who fell victim to one of my sudden disappearances.  It's not because I don't want to talk to you (quite the contrary) so yeah.  XD  --Shadowed... and Shadowing. 09:22, April 20, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Vaylayna the Shade

    I'm just going to use this blog post for when I save/plan/mess around with my signatures, since I'm kind of new to all the coding stuff.  If you have any tips for making/changing/special effecting them, I'd be delighted to know! And if I shouldn't put this here, then I can remove it . . . Although I've never deleted a blog post before.  :P  (P. S. spoiler alerts to future signatures!  XD)

    Vaylayna the Mercenary Even to make a shadow, you need light.

    Vaylayna the Mercenary Shadows fall, yet they leave no mark.

    Vaylayna the Shade Shadows fall and shadows rise... and the Mercenaries go with them.

    Vaylayna the Mercenary Shadows fall, yet they leave no mark

    Vaylayna and Rosebrush Shadows fall, and shadows rise... And the Mercenaries go with them.

    Vaylayna …

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