"In the beginning the Universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." 

- Douglas Adams

Sometimes I wonder how the human race got to the standards it is at now.  I mean, isn't it amazing how quickly we have branched out in our thoughts, and have managed to do so much? Well honestly I think this would have happened no matter what LOL =P

Anyway, have you ever wanted to see how a tiny clutter of primitive people could grow into a giant nation? Have you ever wanted to TRY IT YOURSELF? Well, then this is the RPG for you! Introducing...The Rise of Civilization!

Rules & Information

1. This is different from most RPGs.  In fact I'm not even sure it can be called that more so than an SSG (Simple Strategy Game).  You make no characters, no profiles, no nothin'...ANYONE can join!

2. Debates are absolutely allowed.  This game involves them a LOT.  You must all play together as the "controller" of a civilization that is trying to thrive, by all voting on certain categories of actions and specifying what in that category you want the settlement to do.  For example, if you choose to "improve food sources" you must specify exactly how (for example, sending people out to scavenge, looking for tameable animals if you have researched the knowledge to tame them, or fishing if you know how to).  It'll make more sense as we go along.

3. This is similar in ways to such old computer games as Age of Empires and Civilization, but it has been simplified for typing purposes.

4. You can vote to do essentially anything for this settlement to perform providing it's sensible.  Also some things have to be "unlocked." For example, in order to make Iron Age tools you need to have at least one Mining Camp on the world map (which I will provide once we settle somewhere) and have researched Bronze Age tools.  Then, you can make a Blacksmith to actually manufacture these tools.

5. Have fun!

When you vote, say which category and then specify on what exactly you want to do:

A: Gather food.

B: Expand military or defense.

C: Research a new form of technology.

D: Construct a type of building.

E: Explore the world through some means.


shitty map that works though

Our Civilization

Settlements: 1

Population: 148

Food Supply: Scavenging, medium

Buildings: Open-air mud surrounding

Researched Technology: Sticks (spears, walls, houses); Herblore, Fire

Military: 30 men carring sharpened spears

Defense: Flimsy encirclement of piles of sticks with a large gap lightly blocked by dried mud

Government: Autonomous collective, semi-anarchic

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