Tensions have been getting somewhat high recently, and I've been worried. Arguments are becoming close calls more often, people have gotten depressed frequently, and I have been trying as hard as possible not to lost any of the wonderful friends I've made here. For all I know, I might have already failed at that already. Therefore, I've decided that I'm going to lay off Wiki for a little, probably around a week.  Maybe I'll find another Wiki to just pass the time on (NOT to replace this one), then slowly disappear from it when I get back here. I would tell you which one, but I don't want anyone following me there and bringing the tensions with them. Please, nobody take this as me ditching Holt Rhulain; I wouldn't ever do that, just I might need some time away. Some more time to think about things, time to do better things in real life, time to be happy again. Just for a week, and I hope that by then things will be back to normal and life on Holt Rhulain is as good as it once was. I'm sorry it had to come down to this, but after some thinking I find this is the only solution. Please don't get angry at me about this.  So this is farewell for a week. You are all great people and I won't forget any of you. I'll see you all soon, I'm sure.  


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