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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Taking a Break

    February 11, 2013 by Thornclaw Braveheart

    Tensions have been getting somewhat high recently, and I've been worried. Arguments are becoming close calls more often, people have gotten depressed frequently, and I have been trying as hard as possible not to lost any of the wonderful friends I've made here. For all I know, I might have already failed at that already. Therefore, I've decided that I'm going to lay off Wiki for a little, probably around a week.  Maybe I'll find another Wiki to just pass the time on (NOT to replace this one), then slowly disappear from it when I get back here. I would tell you which one, but I don't want anyone following me there and bringing the tensions with them. Please, nobody take this as me ditching Holt Rhulain; I wouldn't ever do that, just I might…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    "In the beginning the Universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." 

    - Douglas Adams

    Sometimes I wonder how the human race got to the standards it is at now.  I mean, isn't it amazing how quickly we have branched out in our thoughts, and have managed to do so much? Well honestly I think this would have happened no matter what LOL =P

    Anyway, have you ever wanted to see how a tiny clutter of primitive people could grow into a giant nation? Have you ever wanted to TRY IT YOURSELF? Well, then this is the RPG for you! Introducing...The Rise of Civilization!

    1. This is different from most RPGs.  In fact I'm not even sure it can be called that more so than an SSG (Simple Strategy Game).  You make …

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Wow, second episode in one day. This is going by quick. But let's get to the point of this episode: I LOVED SPONGEBOB. SQUAREPANTS. I was 12 when the show first released back in '99, so technically I was a little bit old for that, or so I thought. But as I got older, I started watching the show and saw it in a new light from those that saw it when they were younger. And my favorite characters were Patrick Star and Squidward Tentacles. Patrick I loved the most because of his dumb-and-dumber personality and his "words of wisdom." Sometimes, he is actually saying intelligent things when he thinks he's an idiot! That's what makes him so awesome. Although sadly, after the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, the original producer, Stephen Hillenburg, l…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Hello, Thornclaw Braveheart is ready for his first episode of The Braveheart Critic! Top 10 Fantasy Villains it is!

    My favorite genre of any book or movie is definitely fantasy, but that's a big stretch and could mean anything from some good-old LotR, to a few aspects of Star Wars. But regardless, they always seem to have great villains! So, prepare yer evil laughs, and yer evil plans: Here are the Top 10 Fantasy Villains!

    Jadis, from The Chronicles of Narnia. Jadis, better known as the White Witch, is a half-Giant, half-Jinn (which C.S. Lewis places as the product of Adam and his first wife, Lilith), and the last hereditary ruler of Charn. She studied dark magic when she was younger, and while queen, her sister contended with her for the th…

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