Well, we all need to laugh sometimes. So I'll let you have a nice laugh here ... at my expense, yes. Please look here [1] for the good stuff ... <_<

First Redwall picture ever XP

Well. This picture is the first Redwall picture I did. The very first one .. so you could say it brought about all the others, I suppose. My scanner wasn't big enough, it cut of Timbal and Darkdiamond, though you can still see Dia's nose there ... Then there's Rose, on Midnightshadow (what the crud Midnight has a feather thingy?? :/) And *cough* Sayna on Ghostdancer (yes what is with those feathers? I guess I wanted to look like Reepacheep or something ...) :P Then there's Martin on Wildfire ... before Wildfire was a copper bay pinto *cough* Also, those tails *sigh* that was before I realized that anthro's tails cannot realistically stick straight up like that .. they'd be broken, seeing as they're an extension of the spine ... >_> while this doesn't have a date on it, I'm going to guess October 2012, so four years ago (from this date)

(old) Germaine to the rescue!

This is another deleted scene, in which Germaine rode her horse Lavarose from Gingivere's farm (ehh .. he has a manor now, btw) anyway it was basically like cannon. She came to save Martin and all that good stuff .. but I thought the fight at the church and how Dancer bolted was more epic ;P but ya gotta admit Lava looks a bit .. erm .. top-heavy and stiff eh? ;P

(old) Defenders of the north

Speaking of old pictures, that's old. November 2012 .. I was .. hmm .. 13? Yea, I'm always a number ahead of the year cause I was born in '99. So there's a young Darkdiamond (ridden by .. someone .. Twoola?? idk anymore ..), Timbal (O.O) on a deleted character Goldensun (replaced later by Lightfoot) Luke on Stardust, Vurg on Dancingphantom, and Cardo or someone on Firefly, the unnamed appaloosa that Ferran killed in effort to kill Sayna as a baby. What can I say? Before the wikis, before 'TWB', and before I'd even read every Redwall book .. 'The Unsung Heroes' was in the works. Nostalgia, this :P

(old) Sayna and Urran (bloodwake)

*sigh* oh dear, now that's old. That's probably early 2013 .. >_> a deleted scene where Sayna confronts Urran on the Bloodwake itself, though that was changed in the actual 'FWC' and she found out she was adopted in Mossflower *shrug* .... boy .. I look rather .. fat ... O.o and my tail like .. sticks up .. and when did I give myself a PONYTAIL HUH???? >_< XP (not that I'm against ponytails but that is just .. so not Sayna lol)

(old) Boar vs. Ripfang

And there's Lord Boar on Prairiefire going after Ripfang on Midnightshadow ... Hmm .. I think that little horse near Praire is Darkdiamond, then there's a hare (Willow or someone) on a deleted horse called Dancingfeather. Behind Midnight is some rat on Luna or something fighting Martin on Wildfire ... meh. Even my horses have improved lol :P

(old) Bloody Axes scene

A very old picture of the scene in FWC where Sayna and Martin go to the "Bloody Axes' and get captured. This is before they get captured .. characters are Groddil, Sayna, Martin (in cape) like .. Estella or somebody, Fortunata, Cludd?, Verdauga, some weasel or something, and maybe Whegg. The arrow sunk into the floor and the knife in the bar counter though ... *HaHaHa* XP What's this dated .. February 2nd 2014 huh? 0.o really??

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