Forgive the caps .. *cough* thank you. :)


I'm excited! *understatement* Project check in was tonight and I won't know what ribbons I got until tomorrow noon *bounces* I also went to the 4H rodeo, which is cool, and I got to see my favorite sport ever, barrel racing! One day I will barrel race! When I get my gray Arabian dream horse and name her Ghost Dancer! :D Yea .. yea .. I know. Big dreams *sigh*

ANYWAYS! My club's woodcut won GRAND CHAMPION and since me and my family were the ones who designed it, our whole club was congratulating the Iversons (erm *cough* that is the Lukes) (Cause Morning Glory has never won anything but participation ribbons on woodcut before) My friend and the club's vice president got crowned Miss 4H, and the club's president (*erm .. *cough* Cedric's inspiration) is now Mr. 4h for the week. (lol) Cool stuff .. I have brushed with fame in the 4H world. And quite honestly I am famous in my club right now, cause of that woodcut XD (I might not be famous in the same manner with rival clubs, though. Oh well. *shrug* you can't please everybody)

Erm, yes. Back to business. So. Fair is fun, awesome, and exhausting XP Tomorrow I take my rabbit Tammo in, we get judged on Wednesday and do our showmanship on Thursday. Wish us luck if you would ^^ :) I also talk about my pictures, gourds, and pumpkin at 9:30 in the morning tomorrow. XP I say all this to say: I am super excited but ... wiki has to take a back seat this week :( Sunday I'll be dog tired and ready to have a nice long chat with you guys here on HR or on RWW.

I'll still update ASC (which I'm on the last chapter *whooot*) but it might be once a day instead of five times. Sowwy .. Friday I should do a lot but the other days .. no guarantee. I'll try to hop on at least once a day ;)

Wish me luck and I'll be back to my normal wiki self next Monday. Until then .. sparse updates. :P

Sayna out ^^

  • falls into bed head-first* *snores*

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