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  • I live in Brockhall, but if I'm not there, try Redwall ... or the mountains of Ictor .. or Sampetra .. or Salamandastron .. or Southsward .. or anywhere in Mossflower ..
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is ballad writer, story teller, archer, horse person to be, pirate, warrior, artist, fanfic writer, wanderer, ghost, swordsmith, ice queen, ect .. you get the idea ;)
  • I am a girl mouse, duh. Except for when I'm a girl ferret ;P
  • SaynaSLuke

    So. I have made a big decision, one I've thought about for a while .. Destiny is going Steampunk.

    Is this rash? Well I've pondered for four months, so I think no. Is it wise? Probably not, but did that ever stop me? ;P The thing is, I like the Destiny plot, but I could never get into the world. It felt dull. Uncreative. Boring. It needed something more and I think I figured it out. It was too pretty for the dark and foreboding story I'm writing (did I say dark? Well it is, it's at least as dark as TotO if not more so) And as I make it Steampunk, I like it more and more.

    So here's were I'm going to keep track of my ideas. If you guys have input/advice/thoughts/or whatever, you are always welcome to tell me :)

    The world is not strictly 'Steampu…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Well, we all need to laugh sometimes. So I'll let you have a nice laugh here ... at my expense, yes. Please look here [1] for the good stuff ...

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Forgive the caps .. *cough* thank you. :)


    I'm excited! *understatement* Project check in was tonight and I won't know what ribbons I got until tomorrow noon *bounces* I also went to the 4H rodeo, which is cool, and I got to see my favorite sport ever, barrel racing! One day I will barrel race! When I get my gray Arabian dream horse and name her Ghost Dancer! :D Yea .. yea .. I know. Big dreams *sigh*

    ANYWAYS! My club's woodcut won GRAND CHAMPION and since me and my family were the ones who designed it, our whole club was congratulating the Iversons (erm *cough* that is the Lukes) (Cause Morning Glory has never won anything but participation ribbons on woodcut before) My friend and the club's vice president got crowned M…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    Hi Everyone!

    August 18, 2014 by SaynaSLuke

    Hi it's me. I haven't disappeared off the face of wiki XP

    I just wanted to say, that I'm sorry for not being very active recently. I'm a 4Her, and I was extremely busy during fair season, which, (thank goodness) has finally ended. While I will be back in school soon, I should have more free time then I have had, and I should become a lot more active.

    So yea, I'm sorry I disappeared for so long. And I'm back! I just thought everyone should know what happened.

    I'll be around! :D

    Yay my sig is finally working XD

    What is a storm without wind? Void of power. What is wind without a storm? Void of awe. 16:11, August 20, 2014 (UTC)

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