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  • I live in St. Ninian's Church, northwestern Mossflower
  • I was born on November 16
  • My occupation is stage actress, Fanfiction writer
  • I am female
  • SalemtheCruel

    The year is 1720 A.H. and there is now a golden age of piracy sweeping through the uncertain waters of the Western Sea and beyond; as former warlords and ladies and ex-naval creatures alike are eagerly considering the prospect of taking to the sea and hoisting the Jolly Roger (and all manner of similar flags). Meanwhile, the vermin governors on various settled islands in the Western sea do nothing except drink tea and gorge themselves idly and watch as fools of all manner get themselves killed over ‘a few gold trinkets’ Forty miles south of Sampetra, there is a small uncharted island called Vulpuz’s Cay, so-named for its oddly foxlike mountain.

    Vulpuz’s Cay is uncharted and known only to the islanders who reside there. If you’ve been shipwr…

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  • SalemtheCruel

    Here is where I will be discussing later Redwall books and my thoughts on them. As my school library has a copy of Doomwyte, you might be able to expect a review of that in the near future ;)

    Ahh, Triss. I have both sad AND happy memories of this book. The fifteenth book in the Redwall series, I first picked it up at my local library in June of 2011 and was enthralled by the characters and storyline (as I had been with previous Redwall books)

    The story starts with our heroine, an enslaved squirrelmaid named Triss, who dreams of being free from the Pure Ferrets, a foolish group of greedybeasts who rule the island of Riftgard.

    Eventually, Triss does flee on a stolen boat, bringing a few friends with her. The ferret Princess Kurda, enraged, sen…

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