Remaking an old RPG a friend from long time ago made, some of you might of remembered this old RPG, and some of you might not remember, this RPG was made to honor the person who first created the RPG, as some of us will remember as Jadefang.

Pretty self-explanatory.

But, if you must know what this RPG really is about, then I'll explain.

We fight against each other. Or go on a grand adventure somewhere. Whatever's the rage in RPG's.

What are our characters?

No profile needed! If your avatar is a dragon, then your character is a dragon. If you avatar is a man, then your character is a man. If your avatar is a book, then... your character is a book.

Etc. etc. etc.

You get the idea.


1. Have tons of fun.

2. You can only have one character at a time- but double accounting is okay.

3. You are freeeto change your avatar/character any time you wish; but you can only play as that character while you keep the avatar

4. When people say that the gotta go or brb, just assume that they have turned invisible or dissapeared (so, don't attack them.)

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