Rashk the Wolverine

specie: wolverine

gender: male

age: 27 seasons

height: 8' 4"

weight: (with armor) 640 lbs.; (without armor); 527 lbs.

for color: dark grey

eye color: yellow

occupation: gladiator

notable features: has a long scar going across his face that starts at his left ear and ends at his chin. 

weapons: uses a battle-ax, braodsword, war-hammer, twin war axes, and a trident

armor: similar to that of a gladiator, with armor on his left arm and shins and both arms have pauldrons. also has a chest plate and chain mail hauberk, a helmet similar to that of a Thracian gladiator and a shield a Greek spartan would use

personality: (soon to come)

background: (soon to come)

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