Josiah (family name unknown)

gender: male

specie: ferret

eye color: emerald green

fur color/pattern: tan with one silver stripe starting at forehead and ending at the base of the back and white on the chest and abdomen

height: 6' 5"

weight: 226 lbs.

age: 18 seasons in appearance (unknown reasons for un-aging)

tools/weapons: doesn't use tools really, but used to use a spear, shortsword, longsword, and armor that, outside of Redwall series, looked like Roman gladiator armor

known aliases: Josi

background/personality: Josi had a very dark and unforgiving past. He was born to a a couple that were both mercenaries in a western kingdom. he was trained to fight the moment he learned to walk, and began to see the darkness and horrors of war at a very young age. He was 9 seasons old when his parents died in a battle, but by the time he had seen so much darkness he almost seemed not to care (nobeast knows his true reaction). When he was 12 he set out east, but was captured by corsairs. by pure wit and skill with a blade, he slew the captain and sabatoged the ship, later, on the shore, he watched as many unlucky corsairs drowned in the sea, or were eaten by sharks, and watched as the waters were filled with blood. He was later found by Fírinne Searc and his wife, who took him in. They found out about his obscenely deep sated defiance. He left when he was 14 seasons old to return to his homeland. But he was captured and for many seasons, he served as a gladiator. then, one day, he dissappeared, without a trace. No one has heard of him since.

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