Justin McNabb

  • I live in New Brockton, Alabama
  • I was born on September 22
  • I am avid gamer and role-player
  • Justin McNabb

    specie: wolverine

    gender: male

    age: 27 seasons

    height: 8' 4"

    weight: (with armor) 640 lbs.; (without armor); 527 lbs.

    for color: dark grey

    eye color: yellow

    occupation: gladiator

    notable features: has a long scar going across his face that starts at his left ear and ends at his chin. 

    weapons: uses a battle-ax, braodsword, war-hammer, twin war axes, and a trident

    armor: similar to that of a gladiator, with armor on his left arm and shins and both arms have pauldrons. also has a chest plate and chain mail hauberk, a helmet similar to that of a Thracian gladiator and a shield a Greek spartan would use

    personality: (soon to come)

    background: (soon to come)

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  • Justin McNabb

    Josi's bio

    February 22, 2013 by Justin McNabb

    gender: male

    specie: ferret

    eye color: emerald green

    fur color/pattern: tan with one silver stripe starting at forehead and ending at the base of the back and white on the chest and abdomen

    height: 6' 5"

    weight: 226 lbs.

    age: 18 seasons in appearance (unknown reasons for un-aging)

    tools/weapons: doesn't use tools really, but used to use a spear, shortsword, longsword, and armor that, outside of Redwall series, looked like Roman gladiator armor

    known aliases: Josi

    background/personality: Josi had a very dark and unforgiving past. He was born to a a couple that were both mercenaries in a western kingdom. he was trained to fight the moment he learned to walk, and began to see the darkness and horrors of war at a very young age. He was 9 seasons old wh…

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  • Justin McNabb

    The Story of Fírinne Searc

    By Justin McNabb 

    "Fírinne, do not forget the wood!" my mother calls as I head out to the woods. Our house on the southern shore of the Land of Ice and Snow is a peaceful place, despite the fact it is on an island noted for its many evil inhabitants. My family, though, is not evil at all. Me, my brother, mother, uncle, and father, all have lived here for at least 27 seasons, my older brother, Farwin, is six seasons older than me, I am nineteen. For a long while now he has been acting... strange. My Father, Rayden, is the best father one could ask for, same with my mother, May. Oh, and Uncle Josiah! He is very comical and jolly. He taught me to play the pan flute. I love to listen to their stories by the fire, but F…

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