• Incisrongirl
    ) Wildy, I apologize if this sucked, or if there are any typos or grammatical errors. I'm writing off a mobile device and doing my best.

    "Oh, those days of youth and splendor, when we dreamed of glorious war

    Vows were made to keep forever, and return back here once more

    Then the clouds of war, winter came, we marched away

    Singing songs of love and valour, off we went into the fray."

    The voice, soft, yet unwavering, hauntingly beautiful, seemed to encompass the young ferret without him fully realizing it.

    He felt the mellow sunlight, streaming over the grassy hills, painting them pale green gold. He felt the laces of sunlight dancing over the patterns of foliage, so that branchfuls of leaves lit up like shelves of tiny mirrors.

    He felt the rushing…

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