Collaboration Project/ Blizzard From Within

At last I've found the time to begin this! So here we go :D (The sign-up link can be found here .)

The timeline link can be found here

This is a collaboration project between the following users (If you wish to quit participating in the project, or would like to join, please notify me. If you decide to quit, your writing will not be deleted unless otherwise specified.) Now, going in order of who comented first to most recently;

To begin, I will write the Prologue, then whoever wishes to continue the story can submit their paragraphs/chapter/ect to my message wall. Unfortunately I'll have to add it here, because of course, this is a blog post. (As soon as I can anyway, once we finish a timeline. DX)

Next order on our list; the characters. I'll add more to this later, remember you can always have more than one character.

Frostbite~ (Owned by Valayna)

Jonellus Strongfoot~ (Owned by Tess)

Laraza Macauliffe~ (Owned by Wildy, if you'd like to still use her :D)

Kirby Foeseeker~ (Owned by Reep)

Reserved for Sayna's character.

Vivien~ (Owned by Lus, me XD)

Reserved for another character~ (That I'm planning on making)

So that's everyone's specific characters, but we will need to create side characters as well, just leaders and hordecreatures anyone can control.

Okay, now here's where things'll start to get interesting...

About the Story

Journey to a place far into the bitter landscape of the Northlands, far from Redwall's peace or Salmandastron's stronghold, far from Mossflower Woods and those areas surrounding it. It is a story or many things, valor, unity, even bravery, but beneath the surface lies a blizzard waiting to happen... and treachery lurks near the paws of those who least expect it. One side has been dragged into a war they did not ask for, while two others ready themselves for battle. With every disaster, the situation grows more dire. How long will it be before the danger within is discovered? Or will it remain hidden... and everybeast will fall?

(For writers, find the timeline/plot discussion here.)

Note from the Authors

(You can say your own note here, or we can do it as a group, just dedications and that sort of thing.)


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