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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Student (Though in the Redwall world, I'd be a singer-warrior trainee thing :D)
  • I am Female
  • IllusionOfOblivion

    Alright, so of course I've been working a lot on my original sotry stuff, so I thought if you wanted to learn more about it before I wrote the story (be more involved or just curious, ect) then you're welcome to read it, comment, or make suggestions. I always like to include other people because then it feels "bigger than myself," and because I haven't exactly mastered making dimensional characters (my term for characters who are life-like, is that a real term? I'm not so sure) I don't like getting lonely and unmotivated. (Plus from my perspective as a reader of others' stories I just love knowing more about how they came up with everything, what ideas they have, ect.)

    Here you'll find important terms, history, random side ideas, stuff like…

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  • IllusionOfOblivion

    Hello to everyone reading this! And thanks for reading, I appreciate it :D

    Okay, so I'm honestly a little dissapointed in my FanFictions, but because they are my first, I take it as a practice thing. And practice is good! But, now I'd like to do a better job planning, and so, I would like to create an original story!

    It'll be sort of similar to Redwall/Mistmantle, in that the characters are animals, but with an entirely different world and plot of course. The clothing style will be slightly undefined, almost a cross between today's and olders times. I'm afraid electronics and technology is lacking in this world, but it's logical, seeing as they don't quite at the resources for all of that there. And of course it's fiction!

    I'll have some dram…

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  • IllusionOfOblivion

    At last I've found the time to begin this! So here we go :D (The sign-up link can be found here .)

    The timeline link can be found here

    This is a collaboration project between the following users (If you wish to quit participating in the project, or would like to join, please notify me. If you decide to quit, your writing will not be deleted unless otherwise specified.) Now, going in order of who comented first to most recently;

    • Vay
    • Tess
    • Sayna
    • Wildy
    • Reep

    To begin, I will write the Prologue, then whoever wishes to continue the story can submit their paragraphs/chapter/ect to my message wall. Unfortunately I'll have to add it here, because of course, this is a blog post. (As soon as I can anyway, once we finish a timeline. DX)

    Next order on our list; …

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  • IllusionOfOblivion

    Hello Everyone reading! 

    Recently, I've been thinking about a lot of different ideas. And the question is, would anyone like to participate in a large collaboration project? In other words, this will be a Redwall FanFiction between anyone who wants to join, similar to the Pass-A-Long story but a bit different.

    So, I have this FanFiction idea, and whoever wants to write it with me can sign up! (There's no limit to people. It's sort of a cross between FanFiction and Roleplaying.) If it's alright, I'll claim the role as leader of the project (Not to be rude of anything... I just think there should be someone in charge so that conflict can be resolved. I would sugest someone else, but I suppose it is my crazy idea XD)

    I'm thinking about doing thi…

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