This is a series of very short stories, written mainly by my brother Spikes Prink, though I might help with some of them. They are silly and totally ridiculous, and are not really "canon" to Outlaws of Mossflower, it's just sort of things that happen in Spikes' imagination, or like stories he might tell to Dibbuns. ;) It's actually supposed to be kinda like Tales of Po. Or Mater's Tall Tales. Just a silly thing for fun. XD "If I'm lyin' i'm cryin'!" ;D Anywho.

A Tale of Ten Vermin Edit

One day I was walking along with Cherry by my side. Suddenly five vermin jumped out of the bushes and yelled, "Give us all yer money an' ya won't get hurt!" Cherry screamed and ran away. I took advantage of the situation and killed three of them. But the remaining three vermin went after Cherry and captured her!

Unfortunately, as the four vermin went after Cherry, one of them tripped me and I landed with my face in the mud. I had no idea which way the five vermin took Cherry, and I was lost. I stood up and listened for the sound of campfires. Then I heard the sound of a campfire to the east-west, but it was over two miles away.

I walked those two miles night and day, and by that evening, came to the vermin camp. I waited till the darkest part of the night and then snuck quietly around the camp. The six vermin who had captured Cherry had chained her at the far side of the camp. Cherry was chained to a post, but I broke the chains with no problem. But the sound of the chains breaking woke the seven vermin!

"Fear not, I will protect you!' I said to Cherry, and killed all eight vermin with one blow and we went back to the hideout unscathed, thanks to me!

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