Swiftflash TrueshotEdit

Nickname: Deadeye

Rank: Second-in-command of Holt Rhulain

Wildy's second in command is a tall, rather muscular otter named Swiftflash "Deadeye" Trueshot.

Swiftflash's fur is nice dark brown with a lighter brown in his face going down his throat and belly. His arms, legs and tail are well proportioned. By some he's seen as rather handsome, especially his leafy green eyes.

He wears a dark green vest and a lighter green tunic.

His weapons are a bow and arrows, and a long-bladed dagger.

Character HistoryEdit

Deadeye suffers from bloodwrath because of a trauma in his past (insert placeholder somewhere in here) and one day, when afflicted, he killed his beloved wife Amara and their two kits, daughters Sheine and Firae, an act he's never been able to forgive himself for.

Not long after this, Deadeye was taken as a slave by a ferret named Shazra the Vicious. Kieran and Wildy found him in a semi-desert where Shazra had cut him loose and left him to die.