This is the rough sketches of a side story I've been thinking on a while .. Cedric's backstory! And it will told by *dundundun* Cedric himself. It will be sad at times, and all in all very heartfelt, as we see what made Cedric .. well, Cedric. And while he can be arrogant, I would never change him .. his story is a very real one for so many. The story of the illusions of grandeur and fame .. and how freindships and things that really matter are ultimately destroyed by it.

Theme song: Once upon a time in New York city [1]

This song may be from 'Oliver and Company', but it's perfect, word for word .. well, pretend the New York City is Southsward ... Cough

Keep your dream alive,

Dreamin' is still how the strong survive,

Once upon a time in New York City.

Prologue Edit

"Mother! Mother, where are you?"

Outside the splendor of the streets lit by the thousand lights Southsward is known for, it is as dark as anywhere else, and perhaps darker.

"Mother .."

I tripped over a pile of rubble, falling flat on my face in the alley, and slowly sitting up.

"Cedric, be quiet. I'm here, and if you keep yelling, other beasts will too."

She pulled me to my feet, leading me to the alcove between a tavern and a storage building. I didn't protest, sitting down beside her in the shadows. She pulled off her cloak's hood, brushing her dusty paws off. "What have I told you about leaving the ally?"

"I just .." I began, sighing, "I just wondered why you hadn't come back. It's late and .."

Her brown eyes softened, and she pulled a crumbling chunk of bread from beneath her cloak, pressing it into my paws. "Never mind my dear. Eat your dinner and go to sleep, I'll see that nobeast comes."

I nibbled on the bread. "But I'm not tired!"

She shrugged. "I don't care, if you must stay awake, do it quietly."

TBC~ Untamed We are wild 23:38, November 24, 2015 (UTC)

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