So, while this isn't something we can really do on Redwall Wiki, so I thought here is a good meeting spot.

Basically, this is a post (that all can edit, since the comments would be confusing and I trust you guys) and it will be for brainstorming, critiquing, story ideas .. whatever. I'm opening a discussion.

I will make basic headings, and you can make headings under those for your question/idea/ect. This will probably be really disorganized XD The idea, is to get feedback from everyone, not just me.

So here goes .. (if this is really confusing, sorry. I hope to develop this more in the future. Keep in mind this is for story associated things. Have writer's block? Discuss your story's next move here and get ideas. Have a crazy story idea? Pitch it :D Want to charrie RPG? ..... You know, we have a chatbox .. XD (lol, I just don't want this article to be a mass of RPs is all)

Brainstorming Edit

Prophecy writing? Edit

Any ideas on writing prophecies? I need a prophecy but I'm not great at writing poetry, so... any ideas? XP ~Heather

Story Ideas Edit

Critiques Edit

So yea IDK what I'm doing here XD. We'll see if this helps anyone.

Sayna Untamed We are wild 03:33, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

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