I wanted to set up a soundtrack page for all of my stories. These are in-progress.

The Quean and the Rhulain Edit


(the slaves at Althier) Laddie Are Ya Workin-

(Tiria and Leatho's theme) The Secret Wedding from the Braveheart soundtrack-

(The prisoner exchange) Battle Dawn-

Banjon's thoughts to Sabine:

Three Doors Down- Here Without You-

Marian Carey- Never Forget You-

Other themes:

Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely-

Cost of the Crown-

To be SortedEdit

Leatho's confession: She Thinks She Needs Me

Tiria's internal struggle: Nightwish- The Escapist-

Tiria's feelings to Leatho: Aaliyah- One In A Million-

Leatho's feelings to Tiria: Ronan Keating- When You Say Nothing At All-

Banjon seeing Leatho and Tiria together at the end of the story: Heartland- I Loved Her First-

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