Skipper Rayfin, or simply Skipper, was a river otter and a former member of Holt Rhulain. Being raised by sea otters, he believed himself to be one. However, his rival, Rudd, tauntingly told him he was just a "crummy ol' river otter". He, in a rage, left the holt, taking his dagger and his sand lizard, Blurby, with him. He sailed off to Mossflower, where he found his grandmother and a group of river otters. After her death, he accepted his role as The Skipper of Otters. In the final battle, he and the group called for the aid of Holt Rhulain which gladly came to help. after the battle, the holt invited him back in, but he refused, saying, "I had me fun there, but here, I'm where I belong. I'll never forget you, any of you. Although we may never meet again, I thank ye for your unending care and compassion for little ol' me." His childhood love, Tideflower, chose to stay with Rayfin, later marrying him. Their sons and daughter are Streamthorn, Timber, and Marigold. Their son Streamthorn succeeded Rayfin as Skipper. Also, Streamthorn, Timber, and Marigold are the only sea otter-river otter hybrids to appear in the trilogy.

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