'So many summers too long'

Sayna, older seasons

Sayna is a golden mouse maid with a white underbelly and jet black eyes, her full name is Sayna Sundew Luke. She is the prophesied high queen of Mossflower, and bears the mark of the hawk as proof. She is the daughter of Luke the Warrior and his wife Sayna, and the twin sister of Martin the Warrior, though they were separated as infants.

Lost in Vilu Daskar's raid, Luke presumed his daughter was dead. However Twoola, Luke's adopted father managed to flee with her, only to be slain by Ferran, commissioned to kill the feather-mark. However Groddil, Ferran's brother and continual enemy came to her rescue, and according to the word of Ignasa, took her to his friend Lightingflash, horse of Chief Urran Voh of Noonvale.

Urran and Aryah adopted Sayna, calling her Sundew, and raising her alongside their real children, Laterose and Brome. Sayna hated the peaceful confinements of Noonvale, and found a magnificent sword in her father's stable, never dreaming it was her own, hidden by Groddil and Lightingflash. She found solace in the woods, and met Groddil himself, who trained her as a warrior, according to the orders only he knew.

Sayna later clashed hatefully with her overbearing father when he tried to betroth her to her childhood nemesis, Roderick. She ran away after revealing to all of Noonvale she was possessed with Bloodwrath, and helped her unknown twin Martin slay Badrang, running south to Mossflower with him when she thought her adopted sister Rose had been killed.

After spending a season in Verdauga Greeneyes prisons and meeting her cheerful new friend Redfarl, Bella sent Sayna and Martin on a quest to see if they really were the marked warriors of prophesy. Upon reaching Salamandastron, Lord Boar repaired both of their broken swords with moonstone blades and fitted them with armor. After a battle with the notorious rat Ripfang, Sayna and Martin captured his ship, finding old acquaintances .. from Rose, to Timbal, to Roderick.

Through a course of events Sayna discovered Timbal and Rose were also marked, and began to fall in love herself .. with none other than Timballisto, who returned the feeling. However she tried to keep him away lest she kill him through her uncontrollable Bloodwrath. Still, when Roderick attempted to kill Timbal as revenge with the help of his Shadow Fighter mentors, Ferran and Fragorl, Sayna sacrificed herself to save him.

Wounded to the point of death, Sayna was confronted by Lord Ignasa, and given the choice .. to live or die? When she chose live, Ignasa returned her through the magic of the Icetor flowers, telling her they were also a curse and she would not see his land again until she had found her successor.

After the final battle with Tsarmina queen of a Thousand Eyes, Sayna agreed to marry Timbal despite herself. They had three children, Fripple, Gustav, and Coll.

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