Rosebrush is a spunky, bright, red fox with the most elaborate tail brush ever seen.  She comes from Southsward, and some say she was even related to Queen Silvamord and the Foxwolf.  She has an extremely extrovert personality but can understand others' feelings well. She is one of the most experienced duelist known, using her long rapier to deadly effects.  She enjoys torturing her victims. She knows every trick in the bag, and some say the highest duelers of the Long Patrol taught her personally, repayment for saving Lord Mandoral’s life.  She dresses in a loose purple dress, with a thin, braided black belt and a large amount of gold bracelets and earrings.  A small satchel she carries with her always has whatever she needs, whenever she needs it. She also has a secret crush on Vickagu.

History Edit

At a young age she lived in Southsward, trained by the Lord of Summer. When he vanished from her life, she banded up with other Southswardians for protection. The group traveled northward until they reached Salamandastron, and there Rosebrush betrayed her kind and warned Lord Mandoral of a coming attack that nearly succeeded. Afterwards she stayed at Salamandastron for some time, trained by the most elite duelists. Rosebrush later left the mountain to go traveling and adventuring, visiting back at Salamandastron occasionally. On one of these visits, she wanted to take a hare with her so she could visit Redwall without being suspected. And so, she was caught up with Vaylayna, an Eastern Shore Nightshadow Hare.


A drawing of Rosebrush by Vaylayna.

Trivia Edit

Rosebrush is named after the Laterose of Noonvale, through secret connections with her family and Urran Voh's.

Vaylayna and Rosebrush

Rosebrush and Vaylayna, by Sayna.

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