Roderick is a male mouse with black fur, a white under belly, and a white tail tip. He begins his journey as a rather whiny bully, but slowly digresses to the level of a full-fledged Shadow Fighter, and a truly evil villain. Even as an evil beast, Roderick enjoys fighting mentally over physically, and has a strong connection with Malimore's power. This is his primary means of defense; although he does carry a sword and will use it when necessary. Roderick and Sayna have a deep and very mutual hatred for each other; going from petty children's fights to a desire to kill. Through his many travels, Roderick accomplishes much evil .. and perhaps through the mysteries of Lord Ignasa .. just a little unintentional good.

Random Trivia Edit

  • The character Roderick is based off an old nemesis of mine .. we really did hate each other :P (as personified by Sayna and Roderick's rivalry) >;3 *hehehe ..*
  • Once .. Roderick's name was .. Pipkim .. *dies* (I just had to change that ..) :P

Featured in Edit

'The Warrior's Beginning', 'Four Warriors Cometh', 'The Prophecy Fulfilled'

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