On the outskirts of the Northern region of the country Yasra, you will find a township called Rickety-ville. It was where Talra spent an abused and hungry childhood, till Jafar took her into the group of youngsters he looked after. She was five seasons (ten years) then.

Rickety-ville has been in a state of great poverty since the slaying of Lord Incisron and the destruction of his merchandise, on which many residents of Rickety-ville depended on for livelihood. Right now, they are looking to Jafar and the youngsters he leads to bring wealth back from Mossflower, whether through negotiated compensation from the Redwallers, or through war.

Notable creatures from RicketyvilleEdit

These are all of the Ricketyvillians listed in Talra's stories.






Lord Incisron

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