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Raelin is the main protagonist in Deception: The Lady's Seal. She is described as a white Arctic Fox of medium height, though is probably only part Arctic Fox due to appearance. Her fur is white, headfur a shade darker, with stormy grey/blue eyes, black tipped tail and ears, and right forepaw colored black. She wields a intricate saber as her chosen weapon, but carries a small dagger in case of emergencies. Raelin typically prefers to wear warmer clothes, sweaters with leggings over dresses for mobility, and has a small snowflake necklace- given to her by her father as a memento. (The snowflake is the symbol of the region Gelu, which Pinecrest Isle was originally part of, until Midchan claimed the island for their territory in The Forgotten War.)

Name: Raelin

Appears In: Deception: The Lady's Seal

Age: 64 Seasons (16 Years)

Species: Fox (Arctic Fox Crossbred)

Height: Medium-average at anthro

Weapons: Wields an intricate saber, or often whatever is on paw.

Origin(Or current location): Pinecrest Isle, Midchan (Though she was born when Pinecrest was part of Gelu)

Occupation(s): Performer, various other undecided jobs

Hobbies: Singing, Writing/Reading, Acting


Siblings: Clair(Half-sister),

Other Relatives: Grandparents (unnamed to date)

Friends: Phorte, Clair, Neenya, Melia (Name may change), The Hamster Tribe of Eremus, Lady Maerue

Enemies: Onyx (Friend-enemy), Eitri (Heir of the Banished)

Love Interest: N/A

Affiliation: Neutral (Depending on the point in the story)

In Deception: The Lady's Seal- Raelin begins her journey at her home in Pinecrest Isle

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