Parva was an old raccoon who lived in East Mossflower Woods. He had a very recognizeable limp and had a huge bttleaxe as his weapon of choice. He was described as having the physique of a badger and a long, ringed, tail that was as bushy as a squirrel's. He fished occasionally but had what he described as "frequent cravings" of raspberries, blackberries, and grapes. He said that he was the lone survivor of a clan of raccoons living in the Norhlands that were savagely murdered by vermin. He spent his entire life hunting down and killing each crewmember at a time, taking up almost half of his life. He took a spearpoint to the side when killing the last surviving vermin, the leader Rawback. He then journeyed to Mossflower Wood, unaware of an Abbey he could live at or a mountain known as Salamandastron. He spnt the rest of his life in his cabin he made from ash planks and had te Guosim bury him next to it.

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