Summary: Neenya is a golden furred ferret with hazel (green/gold) eyes, and a slightly darker mask/points. She is known to be fairly tall, and holds the occupation of an artist. She appears in Deception: The Lady's Seal, in Midchan.

Neenya meets Raelin in Midchan at a Night Shadows Resistance Organization, and then later at the Cafe at which Raelin works. They become friends quickly, and later Neenya visits Raelin's home in Pinecrest, assisting Clair in learning more about art.

Concept1Neenya Meeting Clair

So here we have, from left to right, Neenya, Clair, and Raelin. This exact scene may not occur for some time, but I liked to think about what it would be like when Neenya and Clair met :)

Trivia: Neenya is based off of my sister! :D Well... one of them, the one that is two minutes older- because she are triplets. Melia is based off of my other sister, who is about two minutes younger or so than me. So yeah, fun fact!

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