Mortal Kombat Characters into Redwall CharactersEdit

Scorpion-Character of same name(fanfic character)

Liu Kang-Martin the Warrior

Kung Lao-Felldoh

Sub-Zero-DarkFang EbonyClaw(fanfic character)

Sindel-Aryah Voh

Ermac-Character of same name(fanfic character)

Reptile-Character of same name(fanfic character)

Kitana-Laterose of Noonvale

Johnny Cage-Ballaw de Quincewold

Jade-Mariel Gullwacker

Mileena-Tsarmina Greeneyes

Others will be written later.

Chapter 1Edit

Autumn danced in the glorious sun, on a bright summer morning. She stopped dancing and turned arround. She swore she heard something. It sounded like...fighting! She rushed over to the noise. She could see some strange looking creatures with no fur and tiny ears. She wondered what they were. Then she gasped. She saw Martin, Rose, Felldow, DarkFang, and many other warriors. Then she saw Badrang and a few vermin. How did they get there? she wondered.

Suddenly, DarkFang charged forward and blasted ice at a warrior. The warrior was clad in blue garments and had dry ice rising from his body. Then, the warrior blasted ice at DarkFang. There was a standstill.