Mizzah and Zillah

Mizzah is on the left ;3

Mizzah was the chieftain of a tribe of nomadic jerbilrats that lived in the Great Desert, husband of Zillah and father of Annon. They were shepherds by trade, and also owned certain lands. Mizzah was not pleased the first time he met Veil and his friends, for they had unwittingly led a pack of jackals into his sheep. He respected Veil and Fripple after speaking with them, however, and decided they owed him a debt and would pay it before they left.

Mizzah was Cedric's uncle, and despite the initial animosity he had for his nephew, the jerbilrat later grew to care for him, and even blessed him, telling him he'd forgiven him for the tricks he'd played as a child. He also advised Cedric not to give up on Fripple, telling him they were a good match .. because Fripple was willing to fight him.

Mizzah sent Veil and his friends on their way, taking his flocks toward the desert town of Sirocco. However he couldn't get away from Veil's influence, for he met Bryony and Glowing sparks along the way. Along with ten of his tribe, Mizzah escorted the two down to Southsward in their search for Veil, coming upon Ellen the mouse maid lost in the desert.

Mizzah fought Shroud and Swartt in the battle for Southsward, and later visited Redwall, helping to destroy the grip of the monocles' dark power. He became good friends with the marks, and would occasionally visit. He called Veil 'my son' on a regular basis.

Random Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Mizzah' is a little known name in the Bible
  • Mizzah is actually based off a real person, who happens to be the real Cedric's father, and my archery instructor .. in fact Zillah is based off the real Cedric's mother .. ;P

Appears in Edit


A Spell Cast

Dream Seekers

The Veil is Torn

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