Mirage (Destiny)

Mirage is a Appaloosa Pegasus of about sixteen, with a sizable ego and kleptomaniac nature when it comes to shiny trinkets. A born thief with a better-than-you attitude, she's not the easiest to get along with, and certainly isn't trustworthy. Mirage is also extremely vain about her appearance and can spend hours preening her mane and wings, just like a bird. She's a Northern Pegasus, bearing similarities to draft horses, though with a far lighter frame. Her wings look and function much like and eagle's or hawk's.

While many would think of her as nothing more than a flying horse, and technically she falls into the equine family, Northern Pegasi have several striking differences. Number one being they are omnivores and actually are more carnivores then they are herbivores. Do to their barren home far in the Mountains, fish is the main diet of these horse-like avians. As they are mainly meat eaters, they have fangs and eyes like a bird of prey, have a strong sense of smell, and act like predators. In fact they are quite the hunters, even bringing down creatures like birds or feral mountain goats if fish and vegetation are scarce. As such, Mirage's eating habits can be rather disturbing .. especially to Shatter.

She becomes trapped with Azul, Ronza and the rest of their group when she attempts to rob them while they travel through a valley.

TBC~ Untamed We are wild 07:06, October 11, 2016 (UTC)

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