Martes of Asguard

Martes is pine marten of about sixteen, with creamy brown fur and dark eyes. He has a silver tattoo on one cheek and his left paw. He's a good friend of Azul, and according to her wishes, teaches her everything he learns as a squire.

While Martes is fairly skilled with the sword, he really likes to fight with his grappling hook and rope he constantly carries around. Don't underestimate his expertise with it .. it might be the last think you do.

However, for all the skills he may possess, Martes is peaceful at heart. He'd rather settle an argument through strategy, not violence. Quite logical, he's been know to be exceedingly droll when it befits him.

Random Triva Edit

The idea for Martes came from Ivan, from the 'Accused' Trilogy I wrote on Redwall Wiki.

Martes was Azul's trusted general when I planned them for a Redwall Fanfiction.

Books Edit


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