Name- Laraza MacCauliffe

Species- Squirrel

Seasons (Age)- 15

Appearance Description- Laraza has coal black fur, emerald eyes and a muscular, wiry build.

Normally she wears a dark gray tunic, a dark gray and black plaid in both tartan and kilt, and a dark gray scarf bound around her head in a headband to keep perspiration out of her eyes.

Personality Description- Daring to the point of recklessness, sly, vengeful

Occupation- Soldier/spy

Weapon (If any)- Laraza wields a long dirk with a silver pommel; the pommel stone, an emerald, is cut and shaped like an acorn. She also carries nightshade around in a pouch on her, she uses it on her blade.

Though a squirrel, Laraza's turned against her own tribe for not helping her most when she needed it. They stood aside when her younger sister Kaia was killed, a hare named Rezia Northwynd was the only one who would help Laraza avenge her.

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