Kinta mixed-media

Kinta :)

Kinta with rocks

Kinta, an older version

Kinta is a naturally silver rat maiden with soft, powder blue eyes. She is kind and gentle on a regular basis, but can be fierce when threatened. She does not enjoy conflict and would rather be peaceful, and can be depressed by the evil she is surrounded by. Her weapon of choice is a pair of nunchucks, which she made herself.

Kinta is the daughter and only child of Slugwort and Kesha. When her mother was murdered by Xemx in the battle at Salamandastron, her father took her with him to Southsward. After a few seasons however, Swartt convinced Slugwort to apprentice his daughter to Nightshade, a Shadow Fighter. Refusing to learn the ways of Malimore along with her friends, Skadu and Zenith, Kinta faced continual danger and fear until Veil and his friends helped the three seer apprentices escape.

(The rest of Kinta's story is still in the works at this time ..)

Random Trivia Edit

  • Kinta is modeled after an old friend of mine, who really is the daughter of Slugwort and Kesha. I chose to honor her with a character .. and while she may never know, I hope I portrayed her well.

Appears in Edit

The Prophecy Fulfilled [1]



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