Kesha ;3

Kesha was a dusky brown rat with blue eyes, the wife of Slugwort and the mother of Kinta. She was also a Prophetess of Lord Ignasa, and a very caring creature. She hated to see a beast she cared about in trouble, and would do anything to help them .. even past the point of reason and personal safety. Her weapon of choice was her sturdy staff, decorated with feathers.

She was a good friend of Bluefen and her son, Veil, and would bring Kinta to see them sometimes. Kesha tried many times to convince Bluefen to run from Swartt, but the ferret would not, for she wanted revenge.

Kesha was horrified when Bluefen took in Xemx because she was expecting and trying to hide from her master, who would kill her if he found out. However she was a Shadow Fighter in training, and selfish enough to kill or endanger any in her path. Kesha begged Bluefen to throw Xemx out and run away, but Bluefen was not sure, because Xemx offered her help .. but also convinced her she must stay and have her revenge. When Xemx had her child .. twins in fact .. Kesha felt compassion and helped her.

This had it's costs, for Xemx, desperate after hearing Kesha convince Bluefen to take Veil and the twins and flee, leaving her to Swartt's mercy, tainted Kesha's water with poison. Kesha died from this act, to Bluefen's horror and great sorrow.

Random Trivia Edit

  • Kesha is modeled in a way, after the real Kinta's real mother, so she really is Slugwort's wife. (No, this person isn't really dead)
  • Kesha's walking staff was later bequeathed to Iona, who, many seasons later, gave it back to Kinta

Appears in Edit

The Prophecy Fulfilled

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