Jase was a black-eyed cream male hamster who appears in A Twisted Reality; he is also one of the Three Travelers, a group consisting of Bessie, Briar, and Jase. He is known to be a little greedy when it comes to food, and is particularly partial to the soft part of dried corn, seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. Despite this, he can be quite useful when the group needs protecting, and his teeth alone can be a fearsome weapon.

As mentioned before, his coloring is black-eyed cream with white paws and a thin white stripe running from the underside of his chin to belly, and he is a short-haired Syrian hamster. His ears are dark gray.

Trivia Edit

  • Jase is actually heavily based off of my beloved hammie in real life, and because he's getting old, I want his FanFiction character to be tribute to him. :( (Yep, I call my hamster a hammie, 'cause he is really a hoarder when it comes to food.)
  • "The word "Hamster" comes from the German word "Hamstern," which means to hoard or to hide." (Quoted from numerous sites)
  • A hamster's cheek pouches can hold up to two inches wide of food or bedding material. (Let me check this)
  • "They Crepuscular, which means, most active at dawn and dusk."
  • "In the wild they don't only eat nuts, they have also been known to eat insects, lizards, frogs, and other live things." Look here>
  • Syrian hamsters should not be housed together when mature as they will fight, even to the death. (This came from past experiences, numerous sites, and common sense DX)
  • Sadly, they only are expected to live around 2 or 3 years. :( (Most sources say less than that, but if so, my hamster deifies the average.)

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