This is just so that I can cut and paste my characters of rpgs.



Name: Sparrow

Gender: Male

Species: Stoat

Appearance: Albino, is medium height and quite thin.

Clothes: His armor is stained black, which happened while his armor was being made. He has boots, gauntlets, which small claws on the end, a chestpiece that is the size of his ribcage, and his helmet. The combination of his white fur, black armor, and red eyes can scare many people.

Personality: He has a good sense of humor, and is described as being roguish. He is often seen in taverns. He has a crippling phobia of snakes

Weapons: Two swords which can connect at the hilt to form a double bladed sword.He is proficient in both forms of combat. He also has five throwing knives. 

Backround: Amnesia ( will be revealed during rpgs)

Age: 21 Seasons.


Name: Emerald

Gender: Female

Species: Ferret

Appearance: She has brown fur, with a stripe of white fur starting beneath her jaw and going down to a bit further than the base of her tail. She has green eyes, and is generally agreed to be good-looking.

Clothes: She wears a long, black overcoat with a hood that she had sewn on. Underneath, she wears a brown shirt. She wears black boots that just stop short of her knee. She wears a piece of armor that covers the lower half of her face, with permeable cloth underneath.

Personality: Socially awkward, due to her past, but tries to make friends. She is scared by badgers because of their bloodwrath.

Weaponry:  In her left sleave, there is a crossbow attached to her wrist. Inside her boot, she has a small knife for emergencies. Her other weapon is a sword which has a blade that collapses inside the handle.

Background/History: She comes from further South of Redwall. She was part of a rebellion against the corrupt leaders of her city. She one of the many young thieves and spies. She was lucky that she was never caught, as the ones who were were gutted and thrown into the sea.

Age: Around 17 seasons.

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