Authors' Notes: This is a fanfiction written by the Holt Rhulain Wikia Community (HRWC). It is not considered canon, nor should its contents be used as a source for any essay or database. The series of events that make up the plot of this story take place after the book High Rhulain, and it is strongly advised that you read that book before reading or contributing to the story. Redwall and all related media are copyrighted property by Redwall Abbey Company Ltd. All rights reserved.

Prologue Edit

A Queen grows old, two warbeasts bold and vile,

a song is sung, clansbeasts fearing certain death,

a choice is made, for sun and shade,

two sisters part, one needing aid,

and they all follow one beating drum.

Book One: An Alliance in Villainy Edit

Chapter One Edit

In the Northlands, a ship charges toward the coast, its crew jumping off, following their captain. He was a fearsome sight, a tall pine marten. He wore a pale yellowish green coat, with a sharkskin belt, a cutlass thrust into it at each of his sides. He had a scar across his right eye, causing it to be a perpetual state of twitching. His crew were confronted by an army of vermin in all shapes and sizes, with a large black dogfox in the front, with a massive battleaxe in paw.

The two groups stopped directly at each other, neither side blinking.

"Good afternoon, Berengar. I see ye've your whole army out f' jus' liddle ol' me." The marten smiled at the fox.

The fox cleared his throat, making an almost growling sound. "Hmm. I don't know if I should trust you or not, Andras, and my thoughts were correct, since you brought your whole crew."

Andras extended his paw at the warlord. "I think we c'n trust each other, 'cos we both want somethin', right? An' we c'n help each other t' git t' our goal, right? So I help you, you help me, an'


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