Holt PikestrykerEdit

Otters of Holt PikestrykerEdit

Name: Larana Pikestryker

Nicknames: Stryker (chooses to go by her nickname), Lightning Stryker (by her holt)

Gender: Female

Species: Otter

Age: (young adult) Between nine to ten seasons (in her mid-twenties)

Weapons: Larana's skilled in paw to paw combat (all four paws and her tail). She's so skilled and fast that she gained the nickname "Stryker." In close range combat, Stryker either fights paw to paw, or she brings one of her three weapons into play, a dirk or claymore. For distance fighting, she uses a sling.

Appearance: Stryker has a tall, muscular build, dark brown fur and blue eyes.

Clothes: Red tunic, blue and red checked kilt, blue headband, small oakwood ocarina on cord around neck.

Background: Stryker was born to Skipper Draan Tallrudder and his wife, Kylari. She lived there in joy and peace until she came of age, then she chose to leave and to find her own way, finally forming a holt of her own.

Personality: Stryker's generous, compassionate and loyal to her mates. She'd gladly lay down her own life for a friend if the need ever arose.

Affiliation: Skipper of Holt Pikestryker (first female otter to ever be named Skipper)

Affiliation: Holt Pikestryker/Goodbeasts

There's twenty-eight other otters in the holt, including her best matey, Marida Keenblade.

Name: Marida Keenblade

Gender: Female

Species: Otter

Rank: Second-in Command of Holt Pikestryker, "right paw" to Larana Pikestryker

Age: (young adult) Between nine to ten seasons (in her mid-twenties)

Weapons: Marida's weapons are a claymore, a dirk and a Sgian Dhu. For distance fighting, she uses a sling.

Appearance: Marida has tan fur, a short, stocky build, a missing left ear, and dark brown eyes.

Clothes: Green tunic, fishbone bracelet around left paw, sturdy sandals

Background: Marida was born and raised in Southsward, but she travelled to Mossflower by hitching a ride with a shipload of passing hares.

Personality: Marida's compassionate and loyal, she'll defend Holt Pikestryker and Larana to the death if needs be.

Affiliation: Holt Pikestryker/Goodbeasts