Gustav was the eldest son of Timballisto and Sayna, and their middle child; Fripple and Coll being his siblings. Gustav was a fun loving prankster, a complete daredevil, and a rather rebellious creature. His favorite possession were his two tomahawks, and his best friends were Crowwings, Coll, and Esmund. He professed a great deal of interest in cutting Cedric's hair .. with his axes of course.

With his mother and father's strong will combined, Gustav was as unstoppable as his sister Fripple, and once an idea was in his head, there was no getting it out.

Brother Barloam of Redwall abbey was his descendent.

Random Trivia Edit

  • Sayna named him in memory of her old friend Gruven, though she chose a different name due to the fact she did not want to awake memories better left alone.*
  • Gustav is based off a kid in my 4H archery team XP And also my gerbil*

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